A Very Important Announcement

Writer’s Block has been an interesting project for me.

When I set out to start this blog, I wanted to write about writing, and use it as a chance to showcase my work and have an online portfolio. But the more I wrote, the more I discovered I was venturing further and further into movie criticism and journalism. I then started writing regular articles for We Love Movies and Movie Moron on the side, and Writer’s Block became more about films than anything else.

I started Pipeline Jerks with my friend Matt to use as a platform for gaming criticism, and after Matt Porter from Write Click Play wrote a guest article on it, we all realised our work was evolving a certain way. We started planning…

So now I’m proud to announce some major changes that will be happening to the sites.

Writer’s Block is going to become Screen Watch. Here we’ll talk about movies and TV programmes, and give our opinions and weekly news updates on what is happening in the world of visual entertainment.

For video game reviews, news and features, you should head over to our sister site, Write Click Play.

We’ll all be regularly contributing to both sites – and together we are the Pipeline Jerks.

Obviously, this is a big project and we are all very excited. But it isn’t something I can do by myself – so it’s time to meet the rest of the team!

Craig Keeble

Hi. I’m a big film fan and have recently started watching more thought-provoking, cerebral films. After watching Synecdoche New York I understood that art should be about trying to speak truth, not about being published or famous or even having a single living soul like what you’ve created. Having had a film make such an impact on me I now search for more films that can make me reconsider the way I approach the world. I also love every other kind of film, from comedies to action to drama to the occasional romance. Here’s a my watchlist on iCheckMovies, so you can get an idea of what I’ve seen and what I’d like to see. I’m also writing a novel at the moment and write articles about video games, music, life and philosophy.

Matt Porter

Hey, I’m Matt, and while I’m primarily a video game journalist, I do often go to the cinema to watch moving pictures. I can sit through just about anything, but I do prefer teen dramas and romcoms like Shawshank Redemption and Road to Perdition. Seriously though, much like with all forms of media, if it’s got an engaging story and good characters, I’m into it. I’d prefer if Disney didn’t actually make a new Star Wars trilogy though.

Matt Tyas

Hi, I’m Matt. I think Quentin Tarantino is probably the greatest director ever to direct anything. And the Star Wars prequels aren’t so bad. What do you mean I’m not taking this seriously? I’m deadly serious. Stop looking at me!

http://www.screen-watch.com goes live on Sunday 25th November!


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