Homeland Season Two Review


There’s nothing like watching an episode of Homeland to make me feel really tense. The second season of Homeland is in the books, and tension and plot twists are the order of the day once again.

We’ve had two seasons of this show now, and still you don’t know what the true intentions of Brody are, or Carrie for that matter. Is the ex-marine truly a terrorist? He certainly seemed like it, but then he wasn’t. But secretly he is. Or is he? Is the disturbed CIA agent really in love with him, or is it just a show so she can get the job done?

Ross and Rachel all over again

One thing is for certain, it still features some of the best acting on television, and this year’s Golden Globe nominations back me up there. Damian Lewis (Brody) and Claire Danes (Carrie) are both up for the respective Best Performance in a TV series award. Mandy Patinkin (Saul) is also up for an award for Best Supporting Actor, which, as my favourite character in the show, I feel he thoroughly deserves. Scenes in which he is taking a polygraph test are always among the best, which is good as it seems to happen fairly often these days.

Always the voice of reason

Speaking of lie detection, the episode which involved the interrogation of Brody by Carrie and Quinn (Rupert Friend) has to be one of my favourite episodes of any television show this year. Much of the episode took place in just the one interrogation room, and the emotion (and once again, the tension) was simply unparalleled.

Of course, emotions always run high in Homeland. I defy anyone to find someone who cries more often in a TV show than Carrie Mathison. It’s not only her though, as tears seem to fall from even the most stoic of characters throughout the course of the series. Death, love, and more often than not, religion are themes that run deep through the show, and it is hard not to empathize with everyone involved, even when they are on what is considered to be “the bad side”.


The hour long finale was somewhat of a traumatic experience. For the first half I thought we were being subjected to a mushy ending, where everything worked out alright, and everyone got what they wanted. How could they possibly wrangle out a third season out of this? However, a truly explosive episode ensued, and brought that tension right back to bear. Endless questions arose once again, and we are left in the dark once more over what is to come. There is even the potential for story lines taking place outside the US next year.

Nine months until the show starts its third season. Well, at least I can rest easy a bit until then, but I sure can’t wait until it returns.


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