Live Action Toy Story Remake

As impossible as it is to get completely sick of Toy Story, the two friends who made this video must have got pretty close.

It’s a total shot for shot remake of Pixar’s first animated film, using the merchandise toys as stringed puppets, Thunderbirds-style. It’s an incredible feat, and the costumes and sets look as if they’re lifted completely out of the original.

It’s obviously janky in parts, as would be expected from a zero-budget amateur production, but the dedication to the project is incredibly impressive. Lessons can be learned from this with regard to filmmaking. Some authors literally copy out other passages or books, getting a feel for how the words run together and what makes them flow. This is the filmmaking equivalent, and by having to think creatively about how to reproduce the shots, the makers must have learned valuable lessons about how and why the film works.

Of course, there might be other ways of studying a film that don’t involve investing in unprecedented amounts of free time, but this video is a good watch.


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