Movie News | January 2013


January was a pretty exciting month for movie news, with plenty of Star Wars-flavoured action to keep us all interested. Arguably the biggest piece of news last month was that J.J. Abrams will be directing Star Wars Episode VII. The Star Trek director managed to beat out plenty of competition to get what some people would call the job of a lifetime.

In other Star Wars news, Disney are cracking on with films separate from the overall saga, with Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg signing on to write some. There are rumours that the films will feature a young Han Solo, taking place some time between the prequel trilogy and the original trilogy. No pressure to the man who has to step into the shoes of one of the greatest movie characters of all time…


Duncan Jones is jumping on the big-budget franchise bandwagon, signing on to direct the World of Warcraft movie, to which Sam Raimi was originally attached. I can’t imagine what a live-action Warcraft movie would look like, but Jones is a capable director and it is exciting to imagine what he will do with the franchise. His work on Moon was met with critical acclaim, and you can listen to my interview with the visual effects supervisor of the film here.

The usually secretive Christopher Nolan has revealed a few details about his next project. A time-travel science fiction entitled ‘Interstellar’ sounds just the perfect film for the Inception director.

Other than that, there has been plenty of casting and production news, with a lot of exciting new projects on the horizon. Click the links below to check them out.

Zach Snyder May Or May Not Be Directing A Star Wars Movie

MGM Planning Ben-Hur Remake

Shadow Of The Colossus Adaptation: ‘Hanna’ Writer Attached

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Considered For Guardians Of The Galaxy

JJ Abrams Screens New Star Trek For Dying Fan

The Hobbit Rules Christmas Box Office


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