DVDs, Piracy, and Malta

Walking the streets of St. Julian’s Bay in Malta last week, I ducked into a corner shop to grab some food. Naturally I had a gander at the shelves of DVDs, and saw a few that made me look twice. I don’t remember Life of Pi being release on DVD just yet…or Lincoln. Or Silver Linings Playbook.

Three Euros each.


The text is pretty fuzzy on the back. In fact, I can’t actually read it. I wonder what the disc art is li–



Don’t worry, this isn’t a rant about piracy. My favourite part of this is how they didn’t even try. It really puts it into perspective, watching people rant and rave on Twitter like this:

and then heading to countries like Malta where people simply don’t care what you think about that. It’s all for the love of entertainment and cinema.

And maybe a little cash on the side.




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