Interview with Danny Stack & Tim Clague | Screenwriters and hosts, ‘UK Scriptwriters Podcast’

UK Scriptwriters PodcastWhen I sat down to ask screenwriters Tim Clague and Danny Stack some questions about the industry, they decided to go one step further and answer the questions in full on their regular podcast.

Danny Stack is a screenwriter who has written for children’s TV as well as episodes of Eastenders. Tim Clague has written and directed short films and written for video games as well.

They discuss their own experiences of the industry as well as advice for budding young screenwriters looking for their first break.

For those wanting to start a career in the film or media industry, there are countless podcasts bursting with valuable advice from professionals. The UK Scriptwriters Podcast is a great insight into the workings of two self-labelled ‘moderately successful’ screenwriters.

To read a transcript of the interview, head over to We Love Movies More Than You.

To hear the podcast episode in full, as well as listen to other episodes, find the UK Scriptwriters podcast on iTunes and Podomatic.

I’ll be doing a piece on the best podcasts for filmmakers shortly, so check back here soon!


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