Movie News | April 2013

movie newsApril was a good month for trailers and casting announcements – but desperately sad as we bade farewell to a hero of the industry. Cinema has lost a champion with the passing of film critic Roger Ebert, but there was plenty of exciting news to keep us going.

Check out the links to read the full stories.

This Is The End red band trailer released – If you like these guys, you’ll probably love this movie.

Finding Nemo sequel announced – Finding Dory. More Pixar!

Elysium trailer and poster released – Neill Blomkamp has made a new film, and that can only be good news. This trailer takes heavily from Inception’s famous horns, and it’s incredibly cool.

Cillian Murphy joins the cast of Wally Pfister‘s Transcendence – Christopher Nolan’s director of photography is ramping up the cast list for his directorial debut, adding the Batman actor to a group that also includes Johnny Depp.

Thor: The Dark World trailer released – More Marvel goodness for you to…marvel at.

Dodgeball sequel in the works – every student’s favourite quote-a-thon will be back with a vengeance, with Dodgeball 2 being written as we speak.

Pacific Rim extended trailer released – Heavily inspired by Godzilla, Guillermo del Toro’s monster / mech movie is released this July.




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