Steven Spielberg To Produce Halo TV Series

Halo TV series

The video games world was buzzing after Microsoft’s brand new console reveal last night with the Xbox One. Over at Write Click Play, Matt gives the lowdown on the brand new features and announcements from the event, and it was no surprise that Xbox’s big hitter Halo would be featuring heavily. What was unexpected, however, was the announcement that Steven Spielberg will be producing a live action Halo TV series exclusive to Xbox Live.

The series will be a collaboration between Spielberg and studio 343 Industries. Few other details have been released but it is expected to focus on Master Chief from the singleplayer Halo games and his battle against the Covenant.

This isn’t the first time Halo has been translated into live-action, however. The release of Halo 4 was accompanied by the webseries Halo: Forward Unto Dawn which focused on various UNSC cadets.

Halo Forward Unto Dawn

Halo attempted to make the jump to the big screen in 2005, but after lengthy financial difficulties and Microsoft’s inability to come to a satisying deal with Hollywood, the project was ditched. Neill Blomkamp was originally attached to direct with Peter Jackson producing, and the pair famously went on to make District 9 when the Halo movie fell through.

Is Halo something you want to see more of in this medium? Or are Microsoft just squeezing the last few drops out of a dying franchise?


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