Movie News | May 2013

P1020151Trailers, casting and production news galore! Don’t forget to regularly check my news site Movie-Moron for the latest news.

Check out the links to read the full stories.

Michael Caine joins Chris Nolan’s Interstellar – the Nolan regular becomes…regularer…? as he joins the cast of the Batman director’s latest sci-fi movie.

Peter Jackson begins filming The Hobbit pickups – the last Hobbit scenes, and the last ever Tolkien scenes, Jackson announces on his Facebook page. Does that rule out any chance to see The Silmarillion?

Bradley Cooper starring in Steven Spielberg’s American Sniper – based on Navy Seal Chris Kyle’s autobiography.

Jurassic Park 4 put on hold – the blockbuster has been put on hold not long after Colin Trevorrow was announced as director of the latest in the franchise.

Riddick trailer – a terrible trailer for a mediocre-looking film. But hopefully I’m wrong, because Pitch Black was awesome.

Gravity trailer – a much better trailer, for a much better looking film. Alfonso Cuarón’s latest, written with his son, looks terrifying.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. trailer – Coulson is back in action, in Marvel’s new TV series based on The Avengers.


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