Win A Subscription To IndieFlix


For those of you already frequenting the Twitterverse, you might be pleased to hear that Screen Watch has joined you.

You can now find us on Twitter @ScreenWatch1, and to celebrate our leap into the 21st century we’re giving away subscription codes for Indieflix.

Indieflix is like the Netflix of indie films – founded by filmmakers, it offers other filmmakers the opportunity to showcase their work and get a cut through the service’s revenue-sharing Royalty Pool Minutes (RPM) model. The service offers countless unique and compelling independent movies and short films that you’re unlikely to see anywhere else – so if you’re a lover of indie film or just want to broaden your cinematic horizons, here’s your chance.

We’ve got eight 2-month subscriptions to give away, but we want you to do a bit of work first.

The great thing about filmmaking today is the technology that makes it available to everyone. You don’t need reels of film or five-hundred-dollar editing software to make a movie nowadays – there’s plenty on your phone already.

So for our first competition we’re doing the social media thing all the way.

We want you to make a video on Vine.

Make six seconds of absolutely anything you want (within reason, obviously), then just follow and tweet us @ScreenWatch1. We’ll simply pick our favourites, feature them on the site, and send you the code after the deadline of 16th August. Easy!

There’s no theme, no rules, and no catch. So what are you waiting for? Get filming, get tweeting!


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