7 Second Reviews: The Wolverine


No time? No problem. If you can’t hang about to read a full review, 7 Second Reviews will cover the basics in as long as it takes for the kettle to boil. Got a 7 second review? Get in touch!

An interesting change of tact for the mutant series, The Wolverine sees less focus on the glitz and glamour of showcasing lots of cool guys doing cool things. Instead we get to see Logan’s “human side”. The results are mixed, with flashbacks of Jean Grey proving an annoying distraction rather than an effective plot device. The chemistry between the characters also seems forced at times.

Nonetheless, it performs as an action film (who can say no to superheroes AND ninjas?), though keeping track of who the bad guy actually is does become difficult at times. Overall, Marvel fans will be please with this stop-gap until Days of Future Past, especially for the post-credits scene (no spoilers!).


By Kenny Masters


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