7 Second Reviews: Riddick

riddick poster

There’s no denying that Riddick is a cool character – all muscle, no talk, lots of laying down the law fist-first. Vin Diesel can easily BE Riddick, but never quite develop his personality beyond the beefcake killing machine start point. Riddick is a continuing testament to what could have been but never quite is.

After the tedious and formulaic Chronicles of Riddick, the third film in the series unfortunately dives back into the Pitch Black stylings of “man vs. planet”.

The first act features almost zero dialogue as Diesel combines Bear Grylls survival with I Am Legend-esque plot devices and delivery. The second act turns Riddick into nothing more than a background shadow as focus switches to a hodge-podge bunch of marines (some looking like they were lifted straight from Gears of War). Not until the final third of the film does Riddick return to the screen and deliver more than a few sentences, by which time it’s too late. The film is left without focus and a thin plot linking it to prior films. The lore is wasted and we’re left with ‘Pitch Black 2.0’ – nothing to celebrate.


By Kenny Masters


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