7 Second Reviews: Metallica: Through The Never

metallica filmDo you like Metallica? Then you will like this film, it’s as simple as that. Not a fan? Then maybe you will grow to appreciate them through this incredibly high quality concert film. The “plot” follows the bizarre adventure of a stagehand running an important errand for the band, shoehorned into various clips of Metallica stage concerts. It makes sense around 5% of the time, but I don’t think that really surprises anyone.

So ignoring the weird narrative side of the film, how does it stand up on the merits of the concert? Why, outstandingly so. The picture and sound quality are the highest I’ve ever seen. The mixing, the lighting and the stage design are all spot on, but the brilliant camerawork and editing are what really seal the deal here. While obviously staged for filming purposes at times (in order to keep up with the “plot”), it doesn’t matter because it looks absolutely awesome. Combined with a setlist of Metallica’s greatest hits, this is a fan’s dream. For the casual bystander with perhaps an open mind for the heavier side of music, this stunning IMAX experience may help give a sense of why this band are so revered.


By Kenny Masters


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