7 Second Reviews: The Counsellor

the counselor poster

Ridley Scott, Michael Fassbender, Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt, Penelope Cruz… big scalp after big scalp. As they say, “the bigger the rise, the harder the fall”. The Counsellor falls down in outstanding fashion on nearly every count.

The plot is utterly confusing, feeling more like an afterthought than anything substantial. The writer, No Country For Old Men novelist Cormac McCarthy, seems to love lengthy dialogue crammed with metaphors, big words, and conversations about sex.

There’s no attachment to any of the characters as none are developed, bar Fassbender as he goes from confident main character to a quivering wreck of a man. Cruz makes zero impact. Pitt plays a clever, fast-talking support role but barely makes three appearances in two hours. Director Scott has delivered a film that tries to be far cleverer than it could ever hope to be, with a script that thinks it’s edgy when really it is dull. We are left with a meandering mess of a film that has a strange obsession with cheetahs. Truly the disappointment of the year.

1 star

Written by Kenny Masters


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