5 Best Movie Podcasts

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Here at Screen Watch we’ve dabbled in the world of podcasts every now and then. I interviewed Moon visual effects supervisor Gavin Rothery, and over at Write Click Play we chose our Game of the Year.

But there are are few people whose encyclopaedic knowledge and passion of movies simply can’t be missed, and produce some great podcasts. Here are five of the best.

5) Filmcast

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The podcast arm of /Film, bloggers David Chen, Devindra Hardawar, and Adam Quigley “debate, pontificate, and delve into the latest films, film news, television shows, and entertainment-related items from the previous week.”

Filmcast is available via iTunes and can be listened to live on Monday nights when it airs. With regular guest stars and reviewers, including a spot by character actor Stephen Tobolowsky, the insights into the industry are as fascinating as they are entertaining.

4) The Empire Podcast

empire podcast

A staple of the movie journalism industry for years, the Empire podcast was a long time coming. Now, however, the weekly podcast is there “to bring you the hottest movie news, reviews and star-studded interviews from a secret recording booth at the heart of Empire’s clandestine volcano base.”

Better late than never, and the quality entertainment more than makes up for the wait.

3) BAFTA Screenwriters Lecture Series

bafta screenwriters lecture

An absolute must if you’re interested in anything related to behind the scenes of movies, or the writing side of things. Now in its fourth year, BAFTA brings together a bunch of screenwriters annually to discuss the industry, their films, and careers. Recorded in front of a live audience and usually followed by a Q&A, this is a must-have for any budding screenwriters.

2) Scriptnotes


Screenwriters John August and Craig Mazin bring us our second dose of vital screenwriting indulgence, with their podcast Scriptnotes. The Big Fish writer has a great rapport with the writer of The Hangover Parts Two and Three, and their insight into the screenwriting industry is entertaining, fascinating and enlightening all at once. Live shows and their regular 3-page challenge feature make Scriptnotes a vital part of a wannabe screenwriter’s resource material.

1) Kermode & Mayo’s Film Review

kermode and mayo

Loud, opinionated, and flappy-handed, Dr Kermode and his long-suffering host Simon Mayo have been a staple part of Friday afternoons on BBC Radio 5 Live for the last ten years. If you’re stuck for something to watch this weekend, Kermode will set you right – or at least provide you with a bottomless well of cinematic knowledge with which you can impress your friends.


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