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5 Best Movie Podcasts

Here at Screen Watch we’ve dabbled in the world of podcasts every now and then. I interviewed Moon visual effects supervisor Gavin Rothery, and over at Write Click Play we chose our Game of the Year. But there are are few people whose encyclopaedic knowledge and passion of movies simply can’t be missed, and produce…


5 Most Disappointing Movie Deaths

Have you ever watched a movie character die, only for it to provoke confusion more than anything else? Whether we are emotionally involved with a character or not, sometimes deaths can be straight up disappointing. Here are the top five movie deaths that make you go “Wait, what?” Oh, and I know I don’t need…


What Do We Know About Star Wars: Episode VII?

Plenty has happened on the Star Wars: Episode VII front since Lucasfilm was bought by Disney back in October last year. It was then that we learned that Academy Award winner Michael Arndt had signed on as the screenwriter for the movie, which is set for release in 2015. For those unfamiliar with his work, Arndt…

a field in england

A Field In England – The Best Twitter Reactions

One of the great things about A Field In England‘s premiere was reading the Twitter feeds of people watching it as it happened. The response was…mixed, to say the least, but the film certainly can’t be accused of not being compelling. Here are some of the best Twitter reactions from that night. A Field in…

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Two Steps From Hell Live In Concert

Not too long ago I interviewed Thomas Bergersen, composer and founder of trailer music company Two Steps From Hell. He was busy planning the first live concert for Two Steps From Hell, held a couple of weeks ago at Walt Disney Concert Hall in L.A. Unfortunately I couldn’t be there, but we managed to have…

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Is Cinema Dead? A Tale Of Streaming Services, Piracy And Independent Film

The history of film has been punctuated by a series of major industry-changing events. Whether it was the introduction of sound, the birth of technicolor or the advent to digital, the consensus was always “It’ll never catch on.” But catch on it did, and the movie industry has not only survived but grown from strength…

Steven Soderbergh

Steven Soderbergh’s State Of Cinema Speech

Why is it so difficult to make a movie? Director Steven Soderbergh delivered the keynote speech at the 56th San Francisco International Film Festival last week. His most recently film, Side Effects, has been famously labelled as his final film as he retires from the industry to focus on other pursuits. The reasons for his…


(The Other) Best Movie Trailers Of All Time

Last month we revealed our list of the ten best film trailers of all time. We got a great response, with loads of you crying out that your favourites had been left off the list. Well, that’s the nature of lists, and there are so many great trailers out there we just had to come…

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The Rise and Rise of the Comic Book Movie

2012 was a big year for comic book movies. Christopher Nolan’s dark knight rose, the Avengers finally assembled and a troubled New York scientist turned into a giant lizard, created with CGI so terrible you could practically see the strings. Nevertheless, despite the odd technical error, the great success of the comic book movies of the past…

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Top Ten Film Trailers Of All Time

Film trailers are a simple pleasure. For many people, going to the cinema is as much about the trailers as it is the main feature. Yet while many trailers spend far too much time explaining the plot of the whole film to the audience, there are some that stand out as being art forms in…