7 Second Reviews: Inside Llewyn Davis

The Coen brothers carry a reputation for good films for very good reasons. Even if you hated Burn After Reading, their works over the years have always been excellently crafted and delivered with skill and finesse. Inside Llewyn Davis is by no means bucking this trend. The story of the titular character trying to succeed as a country singer…

Secret life of Walter Mitty

7 Second Reviews: The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

If you need one of those easily digestible feel-good films, then The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is worth a couple of hours of your time. Good, but never great or terrible, the film follows Ben Stiller (as Mitty) attempting to do something truly impressive in his life, after a member of the eHarmony dating…

the butler poster

7 Second Reviews: The Butler

With Forest Whitaker starring in a solid performance as Cecil Gaines, The Butler takes us through the story of the black civil rights movement beginning with Gaines’ brutal childhood in slavery and his rise as a butler in the White House. The film is long but thorough, although the swift beginning cuts the emotion a…

the counselor poster

7 Second Reviews: The Counsellor

Ridley Scott, Michael Fassbender, Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt, Penelope Cruz… big scalp after big scalp. As they say, “the bigger the rise, the harder the fall”. The Counsellor falls down in outstanding fashion on nearly every count. The plot is utterly confusing, feeling more like an afterthought than anything substantial. The writer, No Country For Old…

metallica film

7 Second Reviews: Metallica: Through The Never

Do you like Metallica? Then you will like this film, it’s as simple as that. Not a fan? Then maybe you will grow to appreciate them through this incredibly high quality concert film. The “plot” follows the bizarre adventure of a stagehand running an important errand for the band, shoehorned into various clips of Metallica stage concerts. It…

riddick poster

7 Second Reviews: Riddick

There’s no denying that Riddick is a cool character – all muscle, no talk, lots of laying down the law fist-first. Vin Diesel can easily BE Riddick, but never quite develop his personality beyond the beefcake killing machine start point. Riddick is a continuing testament to what could have been but never quite is. After…


7 Second Reviews: The Conjuring

Steering away from the flailing gore-fest of my last silver screen horror experience Evil Dead, it was refreshing to see The Conjuring go for atmosphere over body count. Displaying maturity some horrors lack, the film actually attempts at delivering a plot with the thrills. It is by no means a terrifying affair, but I was…


7 Second Reviews: The Wolverine

No time? No problem. If you can’t hang about to read a full review, 7 Second Reviews will cover the basics in as long as it takes for the kettle to boil. Got a 7 second review? Get in touch! An interesting change of tact for the mutant series, The Wolverine sees less focus on…